Suggestions 4/8/2015

Hello everyone!

I am looking for suggestions of new television shows, movies, and documentaries to watch. I do have a list of documentaries I want to start on that were already recommend, but I am still open for more suggestions. When it comes to television I want shows that either have fairly short episodes that I can binge watch fast or a series that only has a handful of seasons. Due to work and rehearsals, I don’t want to take on a five season or more show, because I don’t want to dedicate all of my free time to watching a show. With movies, I am not the biggest fan of gore and horror, but I will still watch them. I have a massive collection of DVDs, but I’m always looking for something else new to watch. It tends to be easier to just watch something on my laptop than using a DVD player.

Mainly, I want to write about things people want to read about. Whether it is good, bad, or somewhere in between, I would love suggestions on things to watch. Maybe I’ll love your favorite show or maybe I’ll hate it, we’ll see. Either leave a comment on this blog post or on either of the other social media platforms this posts on and I will try to get to it as quickly as I can.

Coming up soon I will write about: Playground (documentary) and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (television show).

Here is an updated list based on suggestions:
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Slap
King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Boy Meets Girl
Garfunkel and Oates
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Lily Hammer
Gravity Falls
Peep Show



Leave a comment on this page of something you would like me to review. I am open to suggestions of movies, documentaries, plays, and television shows.

Movies: I am open to any genre and I would mainly prefer things in English.

Documentaries: Prefer stand alone documentaries and not documentary series.

Plays: I will review shows I see, but not anything I work on or in a location I do shows at.

Television: I will review some series, but I will only do it by season or as a whole (depending on when I see it). When recommending show, I am looking for suggestions that are only a few seasons in and not shows that have six or more seasons.

Otherwise, let the suggestions come, I’d love to broaden what I see.