Boy Meets Girl – Movie

Warning: There is nudity in the film.

This is another movie that one of my friends have recommended I watch to review for my blog. I had a set order that I was going to watch all of the shows and documentaries in, but since I haven’t reviewed a movie in a while, I decided to go ahead and watch this film.

The title, Boy Meets Girl, makes it seem like the movie would be about your typical boy meeting your typical girl on a “chance” encounter and though outside forces try keeping them apart, love conquers all, and the two of them end up together and live happily every after. This movie is not quite that type of story. The main character of the film is Ricky (Michelle Hendley), a small town transgender young woman (I believe she is in her early 20’s) that is trying to get into a New York school for design. While awaiting a letter that will tell her if she was accepted or not, she tries figuring out whether she wants to date a man or woman and a love story ensues. By the end of the film the viewer will find out whether she found love and if her hopes and dreams will become a reality for her.

Naturally, one of the main topics the movie focuses on is the fact she is a transgender woman trying to figure herself out. While coming out/discovery stories can be nice in LGBTQ films and literature, it was refreshing that this movie did not focus only on that. Ricky discovered and knew her identity well before the start of the film, and this movie picked up where a lot of films kind of end off. In general, it seemed like the film broke out of the mold of many LGBTQ tropes and allowed for her transgender identity to be a part of her and not her whole identity. It’s nice films like this or shows like Orange is the New Black are having LGBTQ characters actually have dimension and not just have them as gimmick.

However, while it may have broken away from some stereotypes, the film ended up falling into your typical romantic comedy formula, just with LGBTQ twists to it. Too many movies get into the whole idea of being in love with someone and being too scared to admit those feelings but after things get too bottled up, they explode and then somehow everything gets resolved by the end of the film. For the most part, that is exactly what happened here. Fluid sexuality was more prevalent in this film, but it didn’t change much of the core love story ideas.

This then leads me into the writing and acting in the film. There were several moments in the film that stand out as having good messages to the audience. At one point Ricky and her best friends Robby (Michael Welch) discuss sexuality and what it means if she slept with someone, would it make that person straight, gay, or bisexual. He feels like there are defined lines to what people are, but she feels like people are just human and should love without labels. Despite some moments like this, the rest of the writing was just a little too cheesy and expected. The actors did an admirable job with the script, but several places were a little clunky and made the acting fall a little flat. That being said, I definitely think Michelle Hendley was the standout performer in the movie. Her “I don’t care what you think” type of attitude was refreshing and despite having that harder exterior to her, she also showed multiple vulnerable sides throughout the film and her nude scene, though unexpected and kind of out of nowhere, is definitely a good moment for transgender representation. People should not be ashamed by their body, regardless of gender identity.

Overall, I would give this film a seven out of ten. I was debating giving it both a higher and lower score. I think it is great for a transgender woman to be playing a transgender character and I liked the fact that while her identity was important, it was not necessarily the main focus of the film. Instead, the main focus was on a love story that has been seen quite a bit in the past (albeit with LGBTQ tones) and plot and conflict elements that were too easily discovered/resolved. My biggest issue would be, without providing any spoilers, is that if you ever want to hide something on a computer (or someplace else) do not label it with something important and have it be one of only two icons on the desktop. Just saying.


Suggestions 4/8/2015

Hello everyone!

I am looking for suggestions of new television shows, movies, and documentaries to watch. I do have a list of documentaries I want to start on that were already recommend, but I am still open for more suggestions. When it comes to television I want shows that either have fairly short episodes that I can binge watch fast or a series that only has a handful of seasons. Due to work and rehearsals, I don’t want to take on a five season or more show, because I don’t want to dedicate all of my free time to watching a show. With movies, I am not the biggest fan of gore and horror, but I will still watch them. I have a massive collection of DVDs, but I’m always looking for something else new to watch. It tends to be easier to just watch something on my laptop than using a DVD player.

Mainly, I want to write about things people want to read about. Whether it is good, bad, or somewhere in between, I would love suggestions on things to watch. Maybe I’ll love your favorite show or maybe I’ll hate it, we’ll see. Either leave a comment on this blog post or on either of the other social media platforms this posts on and I will try to get to it as quickly as I can.

Coming up soon I will write about: Playground (documentary) and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (television show).

Here is an updated list based on suggestions:
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Slap
King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Boy Meets Girl
Garfunkel and Oates
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Lily Hammer
Gravity Falls
Peep Show

Sundays – A Short Film

Since I started writing this blog I’ve basically been going in a cycle of documentary, movie, television show and then the cycle continues. I think about now I am on the “film” category and I would usually watch a full length movie and discuss it, but earlier today one of my friends recommended a short film for me to watch, and I thought it would be the perfect thing for me to critique. I don’t know how many people have actually watched stuff based off of what I critique, but this one is roughly fifteen minutes long and I will include a link to the film at the bottom of the page.

My first impression of the movie? WOW. It was visually stunning. I found a good 95% of the film to be beautifully shot and the special effects were done incredibly well. A few elements were obviously computer generated, but some of the graphics blended in flawlessly with the real life elements in the film. Even without the special effects, the movie was shot and edited together extremely well. Both visually and through sound there is a progression through the film that starts crisp and clear but becomes more disjointed later on, and it really helps take the viewer on a journey that reflects what the person is watching. The first few minutes of the film were silent and had the movie remained that way, I think it would have still been as equally enjoyable. The music score that accompanied pretty much the entire film was captivating and really drew me in. Up until the protagonist of the film was introduced, I thought the movie was going to slowly show how the entire world was going to be affected by destruction, and with the sound and visuals, I would have been fine with that and I could probably have sat through a film twice as long if that was the case.

There were a few things that I was not fond of in the film. At one point the narration mentions a line about “every man”, which reminded me of a play I read in college with the same title. It is a morality play from roughly the 1500’s that focuses on the journey of the character Everyman (which quite obviously is meant to reflect every person), and it shows the final stages of life and what he needs to go through before he can finally lay down peacefully. While the film does not entirely go through that same plot, I think the protagonist in the film was meant to portray a character that the viewer could identify with, and for some reason I could not identify with him. Maybe it was the acting or the journey of the character, but it just was not as inclusive as it could have been in reference to the “every man” line. Part of the flaw may have come in the ending. I do not want to spoil any of the story, but I felt like the story made an abrupt shift at the end and it left  me unsatisfied. I had been watching this journey waiting to see what happened and then it just ended. After several science courses and watching a few programs that discuss what would happen if Earth was hit by falling debris, some of the film did not logically make sense. With debris falling from the sky, most of it would get burned up as it was falling through the atmosphere, but what remained after would create a large impact that could potentially demolish entire cities. While it makes sense why the filmmakers did in the film, if they would have made the debris more destructive, it would have added more the realistic feel the film had.

Even though I have a large paragraph describing things that I did not like about the film, I would still rate it a 8/10. If anyone reading this as fifteen minutes to spare and likes things related to a dystopian style future, I think you would enjoy this. Even if you are not a huge fan of that, I would recommend this movie simply for the beauty of the special effects and visuals.

Here is a link:


Leave a comment on this page of something you would like me to review. I am open to suggestions of movies, documentaries, plays, and television shows.

Movies: I am open to any genre and I would mainly prefer things in English.

Documentaries: Prefer stand alone documentaries and not documentary series.

Plays: I will review shows I see, but not anything I work on or in a location I do shows at.

Television: I will review some series, but I will only do it by season or as a whole (depending on when I see it). When recommending show, I am looking for suggestions that are only a few seasons in and not shows that have six or more seasons.

Otherwise, let the suggestions come, I’d love to broaden what I see.