Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Over the past couple of years Netflix has come out with a slew of new television shows that have quickly become favorites of the streaming website’s fans. House of Cards came out earlier this year, entering its third season, but newcomer Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt seems to have stolen the spotlight and drawn in quite a fan base. Originally slated to be a sitcom on NBC, it worked out better for the series to stream on Netflix, because I don’t think that it would have reached as many people had it been on that station.

The premise of the show deals with the “mole women” being discovered after having been trapped in a bunker by a mentally unstable preacher. Having thought the world ended fifteen years prior, the women are taken to New York after rescue to appear on the Today Show. When the interview ends, three of the women choose to return to Indiana, but the other woman, Kimmy Schmidt, decides to stay in New York to find her own life and go on her own path. While that sounds like it could be the premise of a drama, it actually is an incredibly ridiculous (mostly in a good way) television show.

If you love Tiny Fey, you are going to love this show. The comedy ranges from slapstick type of comedy to social/political issue jokes, and there is bound to be something in the show that will make the viewer laugh. It definitely is the type of show worth watching a second time through to pick up on all of the small details that might have been missed. One of my favorite, smaller details that people might not have picked up on was Titus and his Broadway nemesis (Coriolanus) are both names of Shakespearean tragedy characters. It are subtle jokes like these that give it more humor than your typical TGIF sitcom.

One of the standout characters from the show, and I believe most people would agree, definitely is Titus Andromedon (played by Tituss Burgess). A Broadway obsessed actor that wants to make his big break, will stop at practically nothing to make himself famous. Under his goofy, self-absorbed exterior, he does have a big heart and believes in the betterment of Kimmy’s life. Two words to sum up his fantastic impact on the show: Pinot Noir. If you do not like this song, I suggest you get a sense of humor.

While Titus is hilarious, it does seem like nearly every single character on the show has a larger than life personality, which definitely helps draw in laughs, but with nearly every character being ridiculous, it at times can be a little hard to associate with the outlandish behavior some of them exhibit. Yes, it is comedy show not based in realism, but I still like when a show has some roots in reality because as I mentioned, it makes the characters more relatable and exciting to watch. Hence, one of my favorite characters was Charles, a tutor to the family that Kimmy is a nanny for. He’s only in a handful of episodes in the beginning of the series, and unless I missed a conversation about him leaving, he just disappears from the show and isn’t really referenced later in the season. Compared to Kimmy’s eccentric and excited passion for life, his stoic and reserved nature helped provide a nice contrast.

As the show reaches the end of the season, it seems like all of the escapades reach higher and higher levels of absurdity, but it still maintains the light air that has become associated with Kimmy Schmidt and the people in her life. No matter what happens, it seems like everyone tries to keep a positive outlook. I mean the show is called “Unbreakable” Kimmy Schmidt for a reason. However, without providing any spoilers of the ending, it did seem like the show kind of ended on a less than optimistic note. I think the idea for the cliff hanger is great, but at the same time it just seemed odd compared to the happy nature of the rest of the series.

I give this show an 8 out of 10. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh. There are plenty of jokes that tackle different styles of comedy and you are bound to find something to laugh at. Underneath all of the comedy is a somewhat heartwarming story about someone learning to fit in. Other than a teenager (acting like teenagers do), none of the other characters really make fun of her for her quirky, essentially childlike, disposition of the world. I am excited to see what shenanigans unfold next season.


2 thoughts on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    • I agree with you. When he was first introduce with Kymmi, I thought that the two of them had some potential, but that hope didn’t last long. The whole show is kind of absurd and I thought the idea of the cop marrying into the family he couldn’t help save the daughter of, was interesting and the resentment of her sister works to add another dynamic to the show, but I feel like they took the wrong direction with him. He could have been an endearing, bumbling idiot, and could have been a sturdy person in Kimmy’s life. I don’t think the things with the drugs or the cat stuck in the tree really helped the plot along, and I didn’t find either moment particularly funny. At this point, I kind of wish they just wouldn’t have written either character into the show.

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