When I was a student in high school, one of my projects for my theatre class was to see plays in the area and then write reviews on them. My teacher complimented me on my writing style and thought that what I was writing was well written and a good analysis of what I had seen. About a year later, in my first English class in college, we had to write descriptions of places we had been before, and I believe the goal was to either just give a detailed description for someone who had never been there before or it was meant to persuade someone to visit the location we decided to discuss. Either way when I received my paper back after grading, the professor had left a note roughly stating, “If a career in theatre doesn’t work out for you, you can consider travel writing.”

Moving forward five or six years, I ended up writing numerous papers in college about acting choices or papers summarizing some aspect of a play we were discussing in a theatre class, but I never got much of a chance to delve in to a fully fleshed out critical response to any of the things I had seen. Now, after having seen a plethora of plays, movies, documentaries and television shows, I have decided to start an account on WordPress to discuss my thoughts on different things I have seen. Each review or critique will be based on the following criteria:

Story arc: How is the story progression? Is the pacing too fast, too slow, or just right?

Performance: Was the performance entertaining or moving? Did a particular actor stick out or did the ensemble come together to share the story equally?

Visuals: How was the set/ting? For anything recorded, how was the cinematography?

I have a background in theatre (from performance to design), I have taken several courses in variety of writing styles (creative short story to writing for the stage and screen), and I have worked on a film set once (as an Art PA/Set Dresser and a walk on extra role). I will use these experiences from over the past few years to help influence my decisions, but by no means am I considering myself a professional in any of these fields.


Thank you for checking out my reviews,



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